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  Virotech company — a concept arises…

With a good idea and the required impetus, it is possible to create something new and innovative at any time. So, when in 1986, a virologist and a marketing expert decided to set up a diagnostics company in Ruesselsheim, Germany. The idea was to offer ELISA tests, which were new at the time, with separate IgG and IgM determination for the many minor infectious diseases. As many parameters as possible were to be processed in the same way with the same reagents and the same incubation periods. The customer was to find his work much easier by using this new product concept: System Diagnostics!
When entering the newly founded company in the trade register, the judge rejected the name Virotech GmbH as being too general and, in so doing, inadvertently presented the young company with an opportunity — an addition to the name was conceived in line with the initial idea, and so Virotech System-diagnostika GmbH was born.

“Virotech Systemdiagnostika GmbH”...

The newly founded company experienced continuous growth. In 1987, the company succeeded in winning venture capital for its further development. In 1988/89, the federal government supported the setting up of an antigen production facility and the development of a quantification system. Since the beginning of 1991 Virotech Systemdiagnostika finally started to make profit. The next growth spurt began in 1993 when Genzyme, one of the largest American biotechnology companies, announced an interest in the, by now, successful Virotech Systemdiagnostika and took it over.

“Genzyme Virotech”...

Thus, Virotech Systemdiagnostika became Genzyme Virotech and had since gained access to all the resources of Genzyme. Genzyme Virotech remained an independently operating company which is consistently focused on the needs of its predominantly European customers. From 1998, the cost-reduction measures of the health insurance companies of several European countries have reduced the achievable sales volume and prices which could be obtained. For many diagnostic companies, this has meant operating in the red or closure. Since then, Genzyme Virotech has continued to develop its own product range and has taken over the sales of products from other companies. In 2000, the Blot range EcoBlot from Biosens was transferred and, in 2002, integrated into the Genzyme Virotech system diagnostics. Further development has led to the LINE product range with innovative products such as EBV LINE with double-cut-off, Borrelia LINE with in vivo-expressed antigens or Borrelia Europe LINE with TpN17 band as Lues exclusion marker.

“Sekisui Virotech”...

The 1st February 2011 can be mentioned as a turning point in the companies history. Based on a changed strategy of the corporation, who decided to focus on its main business, Genzyme Virotech GmbH was one part of the Genzyme Diagnostic Group being sold to the Japanese company Sekisui Chemical and belongs since that date to Sekisui Chemical Group. This takeover allows the company, under its new name Sekisui Virotech GmbH, to continue the so far successful business model and offers in addition the opportunity to develop new markets.

“On the market for over 25 years”...

Base principle of the Sekisui Virotech market success was made possible by strictly adhering to the system diagnostics concept, constantly revising and extending the ELISA and LIA ranges and expanding product sales. Besides the products manufactured and developed by Sekisui Virotech the company is also very successfully marketing 15 high-quality product-lines from Europe, USA and Australia. Over the years, Sekisui Virotech has successfully developed into a company with now more than 100 employees. World-wide, Sekisui Virotech is already successfully marketing the products in more than 30 countries. Sekisui Virotech is still on the lookout for new distributors in order to expand sales into other countries. Also in the future we will offer you high quality, customer-oriented service and innovative products. We are looking forward to an ongoing mutual successful co-operation with you!

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